Ways To Use Your Pilot's License For More Than Just Recreational Flights

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Many people take flight lessons to fulfill a bucket list item and to fly planes for recreation in their spare time. However, you can also parlay the aviation training that you acquire into ways to make extra money. In addition to going on fun rides for your personal pleasure, you can use a small aircraft that you rent or own to launch a well-paying small business or help out those in need of airlifts.

23 September 2015

Two Key Things Recording Engineers Must Learn

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Having a deep love and appreciation for music is one of the key elements needed for recording engineers, but having a good ear is also a necessity. A recording engineer, also called a sound engineer, is a person you will find at a music recording studio. This person not only records music, but he or she also mixes it. Becoming a recording engineer requires the proper education, and here are some of the things you will learn if you go to college for this profession.

22 October 2014