The 2000AD Re-Read 2012

Death to the fleshy ones!

In the early days of Judge Dredd, there weren’t many judges. The whole force sat together around a fairly large table in 1977’s 2000AD Annual 1978 (you’ll have to trust me on that one), and there were probably about a dozen judges there. Judge Steele killed four of those before Dredd put a bullet in him, leaving justice in short supply.

Programme 10’s episode features MC-1’s boys in blue falling foul of humble yet heavily armoured carpenter-droid Call-Me-Kenneth. C-M-K would not calm down, and decided death to all fleshy ones was the way forward. Parallels with any other humble carpenters who happened to have a mass of dedicated followers are purely coincidental.

This was Carlos Ezquerra’s final Dredd strip for five years, but the episode marked the return of Dredd’s other creator, writer John Wagner. As the Robot Wars saga kicked off, Wagner began a long and barely interrupted run on Judge Dredd which ironed out a lot of the problems with the strip. MC-1’s finest were soon consigned to the dustbin of future history, and the judges rose in both number and prominence as the law in Mega City One.

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